Technologies That Will Transform Your Business By 2020


Innovation breeds business and the role of technology in business has brought about tremendous growth in trade and commerce. Looking back at recent years, we can easily see how technological infrastructure affects the culture, efficiency, and relationships of a business.
The prospects are getting better with the advent of newer technologies. There will be a point in time, where our lives will be profoundly and irrevocably changed.

At this point, computers or machines will surpass Humans. We are just to the third decade of the 21 st Century, there is a lot of budding tech that will help transform the business concepts altogether.

These are some technologies that will dominate business functioning and marketing strategies.

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence
This is one of the most effective innovations where companies started to explore how they can improve. However, with each passing year increasingly complex artificial intelligence models are seeing the light
of day, From Self driving cars to stock market analysis. AI’s going to revolutionize as the future unfolds.
In Business, the application of AI ranges from detecting trends to human decision- making. AI’s going to change the game, and in the mere future, we can see its different capabilities.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

technologies for 2020
What exactly do the terms virtual reality/augmented reality, mean?

We will drive into specifies like roles of VR and AR in future Business.

Virtual Reality (VR): is an artificial environment that is created with software and visualized in a reality form that the user has devised a likeness of.

Augmented Reality (AR): is a technology that uses the real world, changing it or enhancing it in some way. AR allows for an interactive environment, which can be re-imagined for everything from gaming to brand experience to e-commerce product demonstration and beyond.

Using these technologies has a unique way of increasing brand engagement and generating new ways to interact with services and products.

 Revolutionize product testing and free trails.
 Better user experience
 Brand Experience rather than Brand storytelling
 Personalized employee training and learning system

5G Networks

technologies for 2020
With such improved networks, the most appreciated qualities is reduced time frame needed to transfer a data pack from one point to another improves the efficiency of IoT devices, workflows and business

IoT – The Internet of things

technologies for 2020
Anything that can be connected will be connected.
(IoT) is a system of interconnected computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people, to transfer data over a network without requiring human to human or human to computer interaction.

Business corporates are going to exploit IoT in all means from product production to customer service, with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Voice Technology


Since the evolution of voice search, voice technology has set its mark in the field of marketing and digital marketing. Brands have been improving their visibility in voice search and interaction through voice online, better communication is better marketing.

By 2020, Almost 60% of searches will be by voice. Brands can communicate effectively with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

“As new technologies emerge, the field of digital marketing evolves and that is the most challenging and exciting part of Digital Marketing.”

– Mohammed Shibli


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