Industries that benefit the most from Digital Marketing.


The future of marketing has taken big leaps of progress in the past years. Billboards Marketing, newspaper print ads, Flyers, Radio adverts,etc. have been left behind bleeding in the dark alley that in the shadow of digital marketing. The digital age is upon us and we have multiple industries that can take advantage of the new technology.

In this blog we can go through the top industries that is benefited the most through digital marketing, these industries have made the most by leveraging different marketing strategies through various digital platforms.


In today’s fast internet world, entertainment has become the biggest industry due to the need for people to find an alternative to spending their time elsewhere. Entertainment comes in the form of many segments like television, films, music, animation, gaming and more. When it comes to the media and entertainment industry, the major key challenge is reaching the audience and raise the fan base. It becomes too competitive because of the increased usage of smartphones and low data costs for digital access.The current state is that, without Entertainment, our life will be incomplete.

Millions are accessing YouTube, Face book, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and the likes on a daily staple basis. So, it creates an easy path to promote the films, music albums, short films towards the audience quickly.

Real Estate

Digital Marketing has revolutionized the real estate industry in a significant way.

The industry of real estate in India has matured enough where buyers are doing extensive research online before actually making their final purchase. The buyers in the market are searching for brokers, dealers, projects, and sellers online, which makes digital marketing even more lucrative for the real estate industry.

  • 92% of Home Buyers uses the internet to make decisions
  • 42% of home buyers use the internet as a first step in home search.
  • 14% of home buyers book online for information about the buying process

Health and Medical

Healthcare industry is progressing at a rapid pace when it comes to advancement in technology and improved medical service.

Healthcare marketing strategy tends to encourage and strengthen the relationship between hospitals, physicians and the public. Digital marketing is an effective tactic to utilize in branding and advertising of the hospitals and build their online presence.

Today, a consumer seeks a hassle-free and reliable user experience. They look for information, treatments, appointments and even online consultation.  As technology has progressed, the demand for innovative next-generation healthcare applications has increased. The implementation of a healthcare marketing strategy on a digital platform will enhance the healthcare sector worldwide.

Travel &Tourism

The Digital Transformation of the industry has greatly facilitated user engagement and experience.Since travel enthusiasts are increasingly going online to execute their travel plans, your website needs to be visible enough for your potential customers to take notice and access. To meet the objectives, it must be marketed well using online marketing services. Also, the online medium has turned out to be highly dynamic with the advent of new technologies and changing user preferences. Hence, to sustain in this competitive environment, you need to reach out to your potential customers either using in-house resources or engaging top digital marketing services.

In the Wake

The 21st Century has brought us closer than ever, more so to our customers and vice versa. Digital Marketing is staying, and in a manner that will bring the next revolution to marketing as a whole. Let’s hope and wait for the best that is yet to come.



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