5 Hacks To Make Your Google Ads Perform Better


How to make your google ads perform better??

Every business wants to get the most ROI from the least they are paying to Google. We can make the best out of Google Ads by the following two steps.

  1. Increasing the conversion rate
  2. Decreasing the cost per conversion

Now let’s check how can we make more ROI from the Google Ads. Here are 5 hacks which can bring more ROI. These are clearly based on our experience and experiments.

#1.Header Has A Head Role.

Header is the first thing that the user reads. How to make your header a sentence which brings you money?

  • Use Questions.

We know that every search query is due to a problem. Try to just copy that question into your header. Make sure your landing page has the solution for the problem.

For Example : How to make money online?

  • Personalize your header.

Try to use “you” in your header. It gives consideration to your user. Digital Marketing has became the Personalized Marketing nowadays.

            For Example : How can you make money online?

  • Users loves list.

Don’t think twice to include some numbers in your headers. It increase the curiosity of the reader. 

For Example : 6 ways to make money online.

#2.Track & Analyse The Performance

If you cannot measure, then you will be unable to manage. It’s a common theory. You should track your conversions adequate. Google Ads account without conversion tracking is just an account by name according to successful Digital Marketers.

Nobody wants to just throw money to Google Ads. Everybody except some ROI. But I am pretty sure that an Ad Account which doesn’t track conversions is purposefully missing a major part of the profit. 

#3.Better & Better Your Landing Pages.

What is the 101 of Google Ads? For us it’s Landing Page.

If you fail to convince the traffic in the very first vision, you might not be able to impress them anymore. The landing page must have the power to solve the problem of the visitor and hence convert.

Never stick on the same landing page for all campaigns. Use different landing pages for each campaigns. Always make sure that each landing page is better than the other. According to Hubspot, only half of the marketers make a new landing page for every new campaign they run. Be in that half and be better.

#4.Love Your Best Performing Keywords.

Your best performing keywords are the one who brings you more ROI. So treat them in a special way.

Try to create dedicated ad group for the best performing keywords.

Spend more and more on the best performing keywords.

Create separate campaigns on the best performing keywords.

Make unique landing pages for your best performing keywords. 

If you give a special consideration for your best performing keywords, It’s gonna give you some special ROI. Mark my words.

#5.Stop Spending Money On Anything That Doesn’t Converts.

This is simple as it looks.

Once you set up conversion tracking working properly, the fun really begins. After your account has accrued data with the new tracking information, you can finally go in and start seeing where you’re losing money.

That’s why I pointed on setting up the conversion tracking properly.

Now you can see which all keywords are giving you conversions and which are not. Now stop spending money on the keywords that gives you least conversions.

Then find the Time and Location which gives you zero conversion. Stop spending money there too.

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Comment box is waiting for the hacks you have experimented.

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